32nd Vibe for Philo

Smiley Bolger hosted the 32nd Vibe for Philo again this year.  It took place in Whelans in Dublin on 3rd and 4th January 2018 and people flew into Dublin from many parts of the world.  For those uninitiated to the Vibes for Philo, I will take it from the Vibe website

Part Celebration, part Wake, part Convention, the Vibe for Philo is an annual commemoration of all aspects of Phil Lynott’s career, from more obscure outings such as the Three Musketeers to the classic Live and Dangerous era. From it's humble roots in a pub's backroom it has grown into an internationally recognized event drawing an audience from three continents and has become a mecca for anyone with an interest in Phil Lynott or Thin Lizzy. 

Past participants read like a whos who of Irish music, with numerous international acts also gracing the Vibe Stage. 

Virtually every guitar-slinger to strap on a Les Paul and ride the Lizzymobile has performed, and many of Lynott's old bands from Orphanage to Grand Slam have reformed for one-off performances. The full reunion of Thin Lizzy on the 10th anniversary was a particular highlight. Philomena Lynott(Philip's mother), Eric BellBrian RobertsonBrian Downey, Scott GorhamJohn SykesMidge UreJim FitzpatrickBrush Shiels- the list goes on....

The showcase slot has produced some memorable performances including then unknowns such as Damien DempseyLeanne HartConor Mc’gouran and Paddy Casey.

Taking it’s cue from the late 60’s/early 70s 'Vibes' or 'Happenings' it celebrates how Lynott easily strode the worlds of Folk, Punk, Rock, and beyond, and mixes rare video footage, dance, and poetry, with interpretive performances and the best tributes on the planet. It has inspired similar shows in London, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, LA, Copenhagen, and other cities around the world and now heads into its 29th consecutive year. 

Each year takes a Lynott song as it’s theme - the 29th being - 'Get Out of Here' - from the Black Rose Album. The Vibe for Philo is always held on the 4th January - the day of Lynott’s death. Only Las Vegas Elvis conventions have a longer track record... 

Unfortunately, both Smiley and Philomena have had their problems with health during 2017 and I know the entire Vibe and Philo community wish them the very best.  They are both amazing people and deserve only the best that life can offer

Both the pre vibe on the 3rd and the main even on the 4th were sold out.  The Lineup this year included Thin Az Lizzy, The Low Riders, The Brothers Orr, Conor McGauran, David McGuinness, Stone Trigger and Jimmy Coup.

Thin Az Lizzy headlined the event.  Both Philomena and Smiley agree that Johnny D Fox’s voice and persona onstage are as close to Phil’s as is possible.

Here are some photos and videos of Thin Az Lizzy at the vibe.







Other non Thin Az Lizzy videos