Information on Room Service


The Name

The first thing I asked Johnny was “where did the name come from?”  It’s quite simple he said.

“We were in the hotel relaxing after the show.  I am in the company of the legendary Brian Robertson and I was playing his Les Paul. He let me listen to his forthcoming album.  It's 3 o'clock in the morning and we had a bottle of wine and a bottle of gin, so we ordered some tasty food to our room.  The party lasted all night and we went down to the hotel bar at 6am to get ‘the hair of the dog’. Brian’s Scandinavian girlfriend came over to me and politely suggested that I go to bed. . . That’s rock ‘n roll, I guess.

Later that morning, the shows promoter was quietly whinging with the extra charge to the room that he didn’t expect, so he docked me €100 for the food.  We had a laugh about that and decided to name the band ‘Room Service’.”

How did the band come about?

Johnny was playing some solo piano gigs and on occasions he brought in other musicians.  Over time, that developed into a more formal concept.  In Johnny’s words

“It's started after the vibe for Philo in 2011, when I met up with Belfast’s Philip Edgar. We started doing a lovely little piano acoustic two piece ensemble covering lots of pop and rock classics with our own stamp on it.  We had to create a unique sound that people liked.  Over time, that has extended and developed to include multi-instrumentalist musicians.  Each has their own creative ideas which we transform into our very own distinctive sound.  This is a continuously evolving process in which we get the reactions of our listeners and audience and make changes accordingly.  The name of the game here is to be the best we can be, to please the audience with an experience that will bring them back again and to get them talking about us.”

The Kilkenny People said this about Phil:

"Phil Edgar from Belfast with all the talent and flair of a young ‘Gary Moore’, the gem from Belfast’s ‘Sweet Savage’. Already an established performer at the annual ‘Vibe for Philo’ noted for his exquisite melodic style and sweet tone that is matchless."

The first gigs started in Beagans Seatown in Dundalk every Monday and then pretty much all over the North Eastern Seaboard. Then they expanded to a three piece with Eamonn Ferris coming in on drums and vocals . After nearly 4 years, one of Dundalk’s longest running residency’s, the lads diverted to different musical projects and Johnny decided to keep the name and do some solo gigs.

The Kilkenny People said this about Eamon

"Eamon Ferris, the jewel from Co Derry with the most magnificatn job of all on the drum, laying down the groove and swing effortlessly in the style of the one and only ‘Brian Downey’"

Phillip moved to Norway on an invitation which allowed him to develop his creativity and musical career.

In the meantime, Bobby Robertson joined Johnny on acoustic and electric guitar and vocals as a two piece.  They continued with gigs all through the North East which included Louth, Meath, Dublin, Kildare, Monaghan, Cavan, Armagh, Down and Antrim.

Philip returned from Norway in 2016 and the original ‘Room Service’ have started making fresh appearances.

With quality vocals, and subtle no nonsense guitar and piano it's well worth a visit.  Johnny reminded me that all members of the band are all professional musicians.  This is their ‘day job’.

All band members are creative in their own right and write songs as well as play and sing.  Some songs have been sold and covered by others and others they keep for themselves.

Therefore, their shows consist of a few original tunes as well as covers done with their own flair.  Some songs have not seen the light of day yet and you just may be lucky enough at some of their gigs to get a debut performance.