Johnny D Fox: his Bands and his Music

Since Johnny started as a professional musician 30 years ago, he has been in a number of bands and onstage performances, so of which are his own.  Just hit the blue links below for more details.  Some of these include

  • Johnny on his own as pianist and singing.
    While Johnny is a classically trained pianist, most of his songs are his own interpretation of popular songs.

  • Thin Az Lizzy.
    Johnny started TAL though his love of Thin Lizzy music and more particularly Phil Lynnot. It is the longest running band that emulates Thin Lizzy.  21 years now.  Because they’re running that long, they must be good, even the best. Explosive on stage is an understatement.

  • Arsonist Birds
    Originally started as a ‘Monday night’ band by Johnny, this has developed into a formidable multi-instrumentalist four-piece. All professional musicians.

  • The Hoodoos
    TH is a Thin Lizzy tribute band that performs mainly at the Vibe for Philo every year.

  • Room Service
    RS started in 2011 as a band that allows each of the members to express their individual creativity in a way that produces a unique sound popular with listeners and the audience.

  • Irish Rock Legends
    IRL started as a suggestion by a music journalist who recognised the exceptional talent and love for particular artists that all four members of IRL have. Here you get the best of Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore and Thin Lizzy all rolled into one band that have to be seen to be believed. There is quite simply none better.

  • Regular Gas Band
    The RGB was a Rock and Rhythm and Blues quartet. Unfortunately, they haven’t played together for a while, but you’d never know, the project may resurrect itself.


In addition, Johnny has built his own recording studio and rehearsal rooms in Dundalk. Johnny built this as a project so that he could record all his own music.  It started about 20 years ago and as Johnny says “it’s in a permanent state of change – I keep buying new equipment and upgrading the place”.  Originally built for Johnny himself, other musicians have found out about this secret Aladdin’s cave and have used it create some brilliant songs, EPs and albums.