Johnny plays the Piano

While Johnny is a renowned bass player, he also plays the piano and sings.  He is a classically trained pianist from a young age and plays in solo gigs.  Over the years, he has played in pubs, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.  He provided background music at events like product promotions, parties and commercial events.

In Johnny's own words

"This is my self and Bobby Robertson testing out a little tune in my recording studio - Teach Ban - from Tom Waits.  It's a tune called Grapefruit Moon and I have to say, I borrowed this version from The McCollum Brothers and the fabulous Bernie Loughran.  I just love this little ditty and here I threw Bobby in the deep end.  I hope you enjoy it."



"This song is a long time favourite of mine.  It was covered by The Eagles and this is myself and Bobby's version of this Tom Waits classic.

ps. It's dedicated to all those people who have been in places they shouldn't have been!!"


This video is Johnny and Bobby playing on Dundalk FM radio (Live with Michael Duffy) on 19th Dec 2017.  It is the Phil Lynott classic 'Old Town' which he recorded in 1982 and is from the Phillip Lynott Album.  The song was written about the breakup of two lovers,